Courage to Confront Evil

When a parent is narcissistic or sociopathic,
When a parent enables the narcissist or sociopath in the family,
When a parent is a covert narcissist,
When parents refuse to get help for the traumatized family,
When a family scapegoats on one family member,
When the court system blames the victim rather than hold the perpetrator accountable,
When law enforcement minimizes abuse and blames the victim,
When community blames the victim,
When children take anger out on the safe parent rather than hold the narcissist/sociopath accountable,
When children align with and coddle the narcissist/sociopath,
When children withhold grandchildren in order to silence the protective parent,
When children use silent treatment to have power and control,
When children refuse to recover and heal trauma,
When people in society are blinded by listening to mainstream media,
When people in society live only for self rather than for family, freedom, truth and the Divine,
When we are on the precipice of losing everything…


Time to Face Reality

When I was on the precipice of losing everything I loved, I faced reality. I had a choice. I could continue to be unconscious, stay in denial, and keep repeating past survival patterns. Or I could question and investigate everything I knew up to that point. I would certainly self-destruct if I continued to repeat old patterns. I chose to question, investigate, rebel, learn, grow, and evolve. I chose soul work. I identified the evil and destructive force of power and control which many align with on this planet. I chose to exit the matrix of this evil power and control paradigm as much as possible.

I believe I went through so much in order to evolve and to:

  • become conscious and no longer repeat learned survival patterns
  • let go of religious indoctrination and embrace natural law
  • transcend family and cultural dysfunctional patterns
  • transform self from victim to truth warrior
  • be prepared for radical change in our world
  • raise the character standard for future generations
  • be guided by my Inner Spirit rather than react in old survival patterns
  • practice a new paradigm with a higher level of instruction
  • heal trauma

I am now repulsed by the narcissistic, sociopathic, evil, destructive power and control which has permeated the world we live in. It feels, to me, like we have kicked the Divine out of our lives. Evil now dominates most relationships and politics on this planet. This planet is full to the brim of competition, fear, terror, violence, murder, suicide, disability, loss, grief, deception, alienation, and trauma. I especially hate living on this planet when I read about the horrors of child sex trafficking. Mainstream media floods us with fear and propaganda on a daily basis. We routinely suffer abusive power and control in both personal relationships and in our institutions. There is little to no justice nor accountability for evil in our everyday world. Respect, in general, seems to be a word that is no longer in our vocabulary. This state of affairs in our world is extremely dangerous, repulsive, discouraging, and causing many to despair.

Is It Abuse? | My Voice. My Vision.

Spiritual Madness

Likewise, I believe we are going through so much in our world so we may collectively evolve. Our world is in chaos. We are in the midst of spiritual madness. We are in a battle of good versus evil. What do we do when we experience so much pain and chaos in this world that nothing seems to make sense? I believe we, as human beings on planet Earth, are going through much so we may evolve. When global leaders are sociopaths, nothing makes sense because evil enjoys creating confusion and division.

We are going through inner trials that challenge what we used to believe. The inner trials are moving us out of complacency and out of blindly accepting the status quo. We are questioning authority, despising corruption, uniting and moving into warrior energy to save our planet. When we experience the chaos of spiritual madness, we have Divine opportunity to examine our lives and evolve to reverence for the Divine.

Carolyn Myss is a renowned author, teacher, medical intuitive, and researcher of human consciousness. She asks ‘why do we have to go through so much to become conscious’? She is the author of the audio CDs “Spiritual Madness: The Necessity of Meeting God in Darkness”. “Spiritual Madness is a unique and daring session that reaches to the borderland of spiritual experience, where the inner mysteries of the divine are fully opened in the outer world of career and family.”

Spiritual Madness

Also, Caroline Myss has recently published the audio program The Courage to Confront Evil: The Most Important Challenge of Our Time. “In the following episode of Insights at the Edge, Tami Simon speaks with Caroline about a subject that’s often divisive: the concept of evil and what we can do to counter it. Caroline defines evil from a number of different angles, emphasizing that it most often arrives when someone intentionally abandons their conscience. Tami and Caroline discuss the existence of both angelic and demonic forces, as well as how the inner workings of the universe are ultimately impersonal. Finally, they consider why looking evil in the face does take considerable courage—a courage we all need to muster during an era of great arrogance and inhumanity. (62 minutes)”. I believe the following link is a very worthwhile recording, for us to learn from, about what evil truly is both within ourselves and in our world:
The Courage to Confront Evil: The Most Important Challenge of Our Time: Myss,  Caroline: 0600835580120: Books

Break the Cycle of Abuse

For a long time, spiritual war has been waged on our souls, parents, family, faith, American values, and on our way of life. Will we keep going along to get along or will we rise up, stand alone if necessary, join with others to push back darkness, and fight for truth and freedom? Will we break cycles of power and control abuse in family systems and in global systems which are evil?

Breaking Chains Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Break the chain of inherited abuse and trauma

Will we liberate ourselves from codependency and trauma bonds, and instead, search our souls for Divine will and guidance? Will we do soul work to become whole, speak truth, and raise consciousness in this valley of the shadow of death?

I believe, if we listen to the whispers of our soul, that we can push back the darkness, bring evil to its knees, and create a functional community and future of freedom for humanity. I believe we can give birth to a higher level of consciousness if we will stop narcissistic self-indulgence, look within, and examine our hearts. We need to return to our spiritual roots of truth, freedom, empowerment, and compassion. We need to seek the Divine and have reverence for something virtuous that is higher than ourselves.

We need to break through the spell of mind control and violence on this planet. We need to see evil in high places for what it truly is. Evil typically pretends to care for us and charm us while entertaining a hidden agenda to exploit and control us. We need to think for ourselves, be connected to the Divine with prayer and meditation, and live by inner spiritual guidance. We need to listen to the whispers of our soul and transcend this ugly reality of death, danger, deception and destruction.

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