The Sociopath’s False Self

While the sociopath was brutalizing his family, it appeared he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. The behavior of sociopaths is so awful. Deception is fundamental to how they play their game of abusively getting what they want while they pretend to look out for the interests of those they target. They practice, for years, how to cover up their true motives, lies, lack of character and exploitation. If they can get away with it, some sociopaths will physically destroy their targets. They put on their wolf in sheep’s clothing mask and con many people around them. They can turn on their rage at will and turn it off at will. They appear to get all the goodies and survivors often want them to burn in hell. Those who survive the attacks wonder if the sociopath will be held accountable.

Wolves In Sheeps Clothing Quotes

Melanie Tonia Evans, in the video below, speaks to what she has learned about narcissists and their false self (applies also to sociopaths). Some of my notes, from this video, are as follows. These personality disorders::

  • are disconnected from Source, from well-being, from consciousness
  • are dark, false entities, like parasites, who are not connected to God, the Lifeforce
  • are like drug addicts who must get narcissistic supply to feed their ego
  • are like drug addicts who must self-medicate to stay away from inner wounds
  • have a black, gaping, inner hole which threatens to “eat me alive” and which they always fall into
  • create a fictitious false self and killed off the inner self rather than turning inward to heal wounds
  • cannot create feelings of wellness and well-being
  • cannot produce and maintain their own good feelings of wholeness because nothing ever holds
  • are always in lack, limit, fear, pain, competition
  • are always in the bowels of hell
  • are on the hamster wheel that never stops
  • have addictions that need more and more
  • have an ego master that constantly says “feed me, feed me” so they have to get attention, sex, resources, or energy
  • brag about everything they have though they cannot get peace and wholeness through those things
  • are always on edge and hate themselves
  • live a roller coaster life because they can’t stand peace and harmony so they pick a fight or take something
  • will rage if they don’t get what they want
  • see people as objects to be used
  • don’t care at all about people. They lie, cheat, and are never grateful
  • use charm to hook you in like a drug dealer
  • assigned their false self to act as their god
  • have an inner critical parent
  • are not having a good time no matter what they get
  • end up alone with self while always trying to avoid self
  • are getting their karma every second of every day unless they turn inward to work on their traumas

It’s All an Act

The narcissist, the sociopath, can be very charming. Just remember, the behavior underneath the charm is ruthless and the charm is only a mask. The sociopath I survived portrayed his life, after divorce, as “happier than he had ever been”. He brutalized his family, to go have fun, and had no genuine regret nor empathy for even his children who suffered deeply because of his brutality.

Sociopaths do not get away with their crimes. While the sociopath I knew pretends to be happier than ever, he:

  • got diarrhea on his honeymoon in Mexico and needed healthcare (he does not know the EOB medical form was accidentally sent to my address)
  • went to jail for assaulting his second wife and was convicted (and does not know I have the transcription of the Douglas County police report)
  • went through a second divorce from the woman he battered
  • was threatening suicide at one point
  • has a miserable third marriage with a child bride of another ethnicity
  • has adult children who now realize he does not care about them
  • is disconnected from his children
  • takes psychiatric drugs for depression
  • has knee replacement surgeries
  • has two stints in his heart after a heart attack
  • must fear end of life because he hurt many people and makes no amends
  • lives with fear that I will hear about his life not being what he pretends it to be
  • lives in fear of this educated empath and of being exposed for who he is and what he has done
  • may not realize that his children need to learn about sociopaths, and who he is, so they do not repeat life experience and, instead, recover
  • has much more that he deals with but that I am not privy to

I ask why did I put up with him? Survivors always seem to feel stupid when we look back at what we endured. I understand that feeling.

  • I did not know about narcissists and sociopaths until I survived the sociopath
  • I was conditioned by how I was raised in my family of origin
  • I was traumatized in childhood and only knew survival patterns
  • I was stuck in thinking I needed to be nice not angry
  • I was conned by his false self
  • I never considered he was lying
  • I was wore out and traumatized from his abuse
  • I did not want my children to suffer divorce
  • I feared leaving and what he would do

At the same time, I believe I went through this nightmare to: 1) learn what evil truly is, 2) explore inner wounds so I could transcend survival patterns, 3) break the chain of inherited generational trauma, and 4) find peace, freedom, safety, health, harmony and wholeness:

Educated Empath Sociopath Worst Nightmare

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