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Glimpses of the Devil

I read this book, copyright 2005, by M. Scott Peck, M.D. I respect the work of Dr. Peck because I have treasured his book People of the Lie for understanding my life experience with a sociopath. Prior to Dr. Peck experiencing demonic possession in two psychiatric patients, he did not believe in demonic possession. After […]

Women United to Express Outrage Made a Difference

Women’s Coalition News & Views (copy/paste of the newsletter from The Women’s Coalition) “Victories for 2 U.S. Mothers in 1 Week Other News; Lawsuit Update Women’s Coalition Women united to express outrage over Elizabeth’s and Crysta’s cases and it made a huge difference! ELIZABETH A victory in Elizabeth’s case followed calls and emails to San Diego DA […]

Sociopath’s Playbook for Destroying Family

The Steve sociopath destroyed family on multiple levels. He, for example,: ran a smear campaign, in my family of origin, to make himself look good and to alienate me from family support lied to authorities to cause them to question my credibility, and thus, turn them away from looking at his criminal behavior used excessive […]

When A Sociopath is Hell Bent on Destroying You

Here is a helpful article, from Carrie Barron, M.D. on Psychology Today, which explores how the definition of evil and the DSM diagnosis of Anti-social personality disorder criteria overlap: “First, let’s look at the dictionary definition of “evil.” Here is the word “evil” as defined by Morally wrong or bad Wicked Harmful Injurious, unfortunate, […]

Witch Hunt: Another Mom Jailed

Witch Hunt: Another Mom Jailed on Bogus Kidnapping Charges; Denied Bail Women’s Coalition newsletter as follows: “On Thursday, Elizabeth was indicted on 5 felonies: 2 counts of kidnapping, 2 counts of child abduction/deprivation of custody, and one count of burglary. She is facing 21 years in prison. These serious charges are exorbitant and unwarranted for reasons […]

They Have to BREAK You to Leave You!

This is the deep depravity of a sociopath! Embedded, below, is a very short video from Richard Grannon who says: “The narcissist (I add sociopath) can’t leave you unless you are absolutely destroyed and broken. You have to be completely broken by the leaving. And if they do leave you and you are not destroyed […]

Clarity About Discerning Benevolent Narcissistic Abuse

Melanie Tonia Evans provides a video in which she shares the true definition of narcissism. This definition is validating to me. It is what I have concluded, over time, with studying overt and covert narcissistic behaviors. I concluded that human beings are like a shell when we have unprocessed trauma. When we avoid going within, […]

Judges Collude to Cover Up Sexual Abuse

Mom Reports Sexual Abuse: Contact w/Daughter Eliminated Two Judges Collude in Cover Up: Sign Petition to Remove Them Another copy/paste from The Women’s Coalition “Kristina worked out a safety plan with a domestic violence agency for leaving her abuser. She provided the District Attorney with her “good cause report”, which is required when a DV […]

Body Armoring

Revulsion in the Presence of Evil This is vital information to know when surviving a sociopath. While we are in the midst of having a sociopath in our life, we are often, unconsciously, on guard. We do not realize what we are doing to our mind and body. Instead, we do our best to follow […]


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